A letter from Jurystin

Dear Sparkle and Company,

I hope this missive finds you in good condition. I have new for you concerning the outcome of you intervention against the agents of Neruka. My agents report that Prime Minister Xerisi, Chancellor T’soltan’s chief rival, emboldened by the loss of T’soltan’s captain presented evidence of treason to the King. The king’s guards moved in quickly to seize T’soltan but failed to apprehend him. Neruka is now in the midst of a bloody power struggle forces loyal T’soltan have assaulted royal palace and threaten to capture the capital. I will continue sending updates as the situation develops.



PS. By the way does your group have a name that I can call you or should I continue to address my letters to Sparkle Pop?


Yeah, we got a name. Its the Silver Scout Strike-team.

A letter from Jurystin

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