Loki Loves you

An update from Chamele

Hi there you sweet thing. You want to know what has happened? Let me…enlighten.

Well, I met up with these beautiful people, a sniper by the name of ….Sniper (hansom, not creative) an elven woman by the name of Sparkle Pop, and a big ole axe wielding warrior whos name I really don’t care to remember. I helped them out, gained their trust and found myself liking them. We went back to Sparkle Pops island (shes a queen, hehehe) which seemed to have been assaulted by sea, not that there would be any other way. So we went to investigate.

We were joined by a strange man named Pearl (he he…thats a girls name) He is a contradiction in person form. He is completely nontransparent about his person, but is completely transparent visually most of the time.

It turns out that the orcs that hit the first island ransacked almost every other island out there. They were taking salt, iron, and all other stuff. We found a base, had a little sea battle (we won) found a dead priest (loki loved him back to life) and then went to assault them back. We won, but had quite some trouble. In the end, it was loki that won the battle by taking one of their powerful mechanical/magical contraptions. He liked the gift. He loved the giver.

In the end, we stumbled upon a strange and tattered tome called “Architects Folly”. Its difficult to really tell what it is about, but it doesn’t really matter. Pearl seems interested. I think he likes me. I think loki loves him.

Did you follow all of that? Good. Well, how about going up to my room now?



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