Scouts Catchup...

Yo, lots has happened since the last adventure post. Buildings worth of people were killed, a heist was staged, the group nearly died and had all of their things stolen. A chase ensued leading the party down into demon infested lands down near a dark place called Naraka. Here, we were almost killed by some demons, but because of my ingenuity and skill, we were able to make it out alive. Gotta love it!

Well, we cut off the dumb-asses that stole our shit at a ford across a river. Here we kicked their asses. The heavy warrior actually did pretty good with a bow, and then started hackin’ people to shreds. The queen did her sparky-sparky stuff. Eggnog did alright and killed a few. I had already killed a bunch of them, and was about to take down the monk leader when Sniper, who had been sleeping the whole time decided to wake up and BOOM! Head-shot. Got to admit. It was pretty cool.

Now I just got to remember what the hell we were here for in the first place.
Tf2 scout by cynthiastiches


Scoot didn’t I see you running away from a someone

Scouts Catchup...

Yo, that was a tactical draw. Perfectly sound strategic move.

Scouts Catchup...

was yelling for your mommy part of you strategic move

Scouts Catchup...

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