Scout T Jones

A fast little bastard...


Name: Scout
Race: Human
Class: Agent
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: The Announcer




This fast little scamp has a need for speed. With a specialization in short blade and light armor, he makes sure not to carry anything too heavy so as to slow him down. He is cocky, self-centered, and boisterous, but is rather loyal…as long as someone pays.

There is another side to this little fast man. Deep down, he is a anarchist and desires to lead any and every rebellion. When this side comes out it is noticeable. His Bronx like accent disappears, his voice lowers, and his demeanor calms into an almost diplomatic and calculating style.

Recent events has caused him to believe more in the power of a group effort. A near death experience has made him a bit more humble and a bit lest boastful and self-centered. Only a bit though.

Scout T Jones

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