Sparkle Pop

Female Wood Elf Wizard very much fascinated with Lightning!


Class: Sorceress Lvl 12
Race: Elf
HP: 74
AC: 18

Headdress ~ Crown of Might
Necklace ~ Orb of Might

Queen of Tauras Island
w/one Town – Cooperville


She loved making pops when she was just a little elf…loved sizzling things, but not harming completely everything. Now, she is still very much the same, but maybe a little bit more…sizzling. She will use her abilities to help her in anyway she needs!
She is now Queen of an island that she had landed on with an adventure group and decided to stay after killing off some vampire clan. She is off trying to find an item that she needs to complete a set of magical items! Very rare things here.

Sparkle Pop

Dryfen Harmony