The Bard Jurystin

"I am overwhelmed by the beautiful disorder of poetry, the eternal virginity of words."


Star Elf
Speed: Not too fast, Not too slow, Just Right
Abilities: Great when wet…
Alignment: Perfect
HP: Lasts as long as is needed
AC: Easy to hit…on
Attacks: Confident but not overly aggressive
Special Attacks: Wouldn’t you like to know
SQ: Many


Being one of the only Master Bards of the 21st degree, Jurystin is known all over Tyaen, and throughout most of Dryfen. Unlike most of the master bards that atained such mastery Jurystin refuses to settle in a single location. Constantly traveling from one place to another, he always seems to find his way to the center of events.

The Bard Jurystin

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