The Architects Folly

Ancient Scroll


This scroll entitled “The Architects Folly” was made in the ancient elven style using treated Hyndali leaves. The scroll is in pretty rough shape.


…The making of the Talisman reverberated throughout the planes generating avarice in the legions of powers in the outer planes and sowing fear in the lords of the inner ones. To all it was disrupting, but to the inhabitants of shadow the results were catastrophic. Katulu’s legacy brought such change to the realm that the war which followed was inevitable…

…shortly after the end of the Serpa exodus from the plain of shadow, The Great Circle approached the Outer Lords independently of Slan and having already accepted the commission they were able to place great pressure on the greater powers to commit their support. Being the greatest of the CosiLaeth Architects Slan had already compelled the lords of the elements to accept his proposal…

… and thus by chaining the opposing lords one to the other Slan was able to harness the power of the great Elementals and there by seal his own fate. For it not necessary to speculate that the same chains that he used on the Elemental lords were of the same naturethat the Aztalan Empire used to bind him to their will. What is speculation is the assumption that Slan suffered from overconfidence and was thereby blind to the threat that the humans posed. It must here be said that even using the binding rituals Slan himself had created backed by their potent draconic heritage, the royal house of Lufetip-secanem did not poses the power to subvert the cosileath so thoroughly. It is my theory that behind the stark ambition and vengeance of the royal house another darker and disturbingly competent power resides.

- Darumalinti Roaelian

The Architects Folly

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