The Riathwyn

The Shadowblades

weapon (melee)

Classification: Relic
Location: Somwhere in or around The Vanishing Mountains
Weapon Type: Dirk
Magical Bonus: + 5
Damage: 1d4+6+ (1d4 Attribute Drain + 1d4 Wis)
Abilities: Shadow Jump, Individual Blade Abilities

Ger-Mek (Con): DR +3/15, +10 AC, Evasion

Uo-Mek (Int): SR20, 1/20 chance of spell turning, counter spell Cha-Mek (Dex): True seeing, Improved invisibility, Hold Person

Created By the greater god Coer ( The God’s of Dryfen) These three dirks are a potent reflection of his own Moonlight Kris.

The Riathwyn

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