Loki Loves you
An update from Chamele

Hi there you sweet thing. You want to know what has happened? Let me…enlighten.

Well, I met up with these beautiful people, a sniper by the name of ….Sniper (hansom, not creative) an elven woman by the name of Sparkle Pop, and a big ole axe wielding warrior whos name I really don’t care to remember. I helped them out, gained their trust and found myself liking them. We went back to Sparkle Pops island (shes a queen, hehehe) which seemed to have been assaulted by sea, not that there would be any other way. So we went to investigate.

We were joined by a strange man named Pearl (he he…thats a girls name) He is a contradiction in person form. He is completely nontransparent about his person, but is completely transparent visually most of the time.

It turns out that the orcs that hit the first island ransacked almost every other island out there. They were taking salt, iron, and all other stuff. We found a base, had a little sea battle (we won) found a dead priest (loki loved him back to life) and then went to assault them back. We won, but had quite some trouble. In the end, it was loki that won the battle by taking one of their powerful mechanical/magical contraptions. He liked the gift. He loved the giver.

In the end, we stumbled upon a strange and tattered tome called “Architects Folly”. Its difficult to really tell what it is about, but it doesn’t really matter. Pearl seems interested. I think he likes me. I think loki loves him.

Did you follow all of that? Good. Well, how about going up to my room now?

A letter from Jurystin

Dear Sparkle and Company,

I hope this missive finds you in good condition. I have new for you concerning the outcome of you intervention against the agents of Neruka. My agents report that Prime Minister Xerisi, Chancellor T’soltan’s chief rival, emboldened by the loss of T’soltan’s captain presented evidence of treason to the King. The king’s guards moved in quickly to seize T’soltan but failed to apprehend him. Neruka is now in the midst of a bloody power struggle forces loyal T’soltan have assaulted royal palace and threaten to capture the capital. I will continue sending updates as the situation develops.



PS. By the way does your group have a name that I can call you or should I continue to address my letters to Sparkle Pop?

Scouts Catchup...

Yo, lots has happened since the last adventure post. Buildings worth of people were killed, a heist was staged, the group nearly died and had all of their things stolen. A chase ensued leading the party down into demon infested lands down near a dark place called Naraka. Here, we were almost killed by some demons, but because of my ingenuity and skill, we were able to make it out alive. Gotta love it!

Well, we cut off the dumb-asses that stole our shit at a ford across a river. Here we kicked their asses. The heavy warrior actually did pretty good with a bow, and then started hackin’ people to shreds. The queen did her sparky-sparky stuff. Eggnog did alright and killed a few. I had already killed a bunch of them, and was about to take down the monk leader when Sniper, who had been sleeping the whole time decided to wake up and BOOM! Head-shot. Got to admit. It was pretty cool.

Now I just got to remember what the hell we were here for in the first place.
Tf2 scout by cynthiastiches

The Comming of the Queen

Queen Sparkle Pop, ruler of Tauras Island has spent many years spent re-killing the undead that infest her island. After so many years of hard work the island is now starting to prosper, and the Queen is able to leave it to search for the third piece of the magical artifact set that she found there. Taking passage on one of her merchant ships she travels from her island in the Outer Sea to Pantheon at Thorangale. Traveling with her are a team of mercenaries hired as her bodyguards Scout T Jones, and Sniper. When they arrive at Thorangale they are ushered into a waiting room where they are asked whom they wished to see. After going through an intermediary and being led along a maze of corridors they arrive at the office of Therodidis the high priest of Hecate. After hearing a description of the artifact Therodidis sends one of the acolytes to fetch a book from the archive. Scout tags along and discreetly pumps the acolyte for information and determines that there is little room for revolution in Thorangale. After carefully examining the book Terodidis shakes his head an tells Sparkle, Scout, and Sniper that he does not know where the item is now. The artifact was in the an empire that was overthrown and its treasures dispersed. He does however know of someone who could find the item for Sparkle. He tells the group about a person known as The Nose. The Nose is reputed to be able to find anything. He tells the party to go to a theater in the town of Tarnal. Once there they are to buy one ticket for box # 5 for the matinee. The party thanks Therodidis for his help and leaves Thorangale. They travel on the ferry accross the channel to the city of Tarwin. Sniper takes to the roof tops as Sparkle and Scout travel the streets. Scout comes across a group of beggars and approaches them about a revolution. After a few sideways glances and hidden gestures the small group surrounds Scout and tells him that he needs to go with them. Sparkle seeing that Scout is being lead off confronts the beggars and tells them to leave her companion along. They then try to make Sparkle go to. Sparkle pop attempts to intimidate the beggars and to make the effect more powerful she pulls down her hood and lets the sunlight glint of her magnificent headdress. Several of the beggars are frightened and run away but the remaining stand their ground saying that Scout must go with them, but they no longer demand that she go too. Aware that people in the crowded street have taken notice of her and her party and given that Scout actually wants to go with the beggars Sparkle lets them carry scout away and is able to get to the end of the block before the first guards turn the corner.
As she turns the corner Sparkle pop notices that she is being followed by a blonde young man. One block later the stranger approaches her. Sparkle pop sees Sniper on a nearby roof and is therefore unafraid when the young man asks serve her. He explains that he is an experienced caravan guard named Merick that has connections with merchant suppliers. Sparkle agrees and the head back to the inn he is staying named the Dragon’s Lair . When they get ther the see a sign hanging on one hinge with a crude picture of a rampant dragon with a circle behind it. Sniper who has been following them on the roof tops notice that yet again his mistress is being followed this time by a beggar.
Meanwhile, Scout is blindfolded and led to the beggars base where he is interrogated for eight hours about how he is a spy. He finds Sniper on the rooftops and gets an update on the Sparkle pop and the beggars that have been rotating watch on the inn. Scout then goes down to street level where he subtlety questions the beggar who walks off after a discussion on the virtues of the Dragon’s Lair rubbish heap. After the enlightening conversation Scout goes to Merick’s room of the Dragon’s Lair and updates Sparkle Pop. Scout and Sniper rent a room for the rest of the night next to Merick’s and at day break the group leaves Tarwin for Tarnal, and the Nose.

The journey to Tarnal is uneventful with the exception of a quick detour around the City of Tyaen. Reaching Tarnal sparkle pop wastes no time in buying her ticket to the matinee performance of “The Wood Elf Revolution against the Traditional Art values of High elves” Upon hearing the name of the play Scout bought his own ticket on the floor level,and Merick decides to join him. Sniper tries to find a good vantage point to cover the action from but has to settle for watching things through the embedded glass in the apex of the theater ceiling. During the play Sparkle hears the voice of The Nose coming out of the walls asking her what she seeks.When she says the Scepter of evil might the voice tells her that he only gives the location an item is she must retrieve it herself. He continues to say that the basic fee is 1,000gp to be placed in the hollow trunk of the third tree directly behind the theater. She must also agree to additional charges if methods of location other than standard are need to locate the item, and that placement of the 1,000gp in the hollow constitutes agreement. Sparkle pop repeats this out laud, and sniper reading her lips moves into position to view all approaches to the designated tree. Sparkle and Scout T Joneschange some of Sparkles gems and letters of mark into gold and the local municipality and place it into the trunk. Several hours later when there is no apparent action Sniper checks the hollow to find the gold gone…


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