The Dragon Prophesies

Long ago when the world was new and elves lived and danced beneath stars and sun, magic was free and wild. Centuries passed under the peaceful elven reign and magic settled. Elven mages learned to use the magic that was their birth right and the golden age of the elves began. No longer was magic the wild torrent that reshaped the world it became the heartbeat of life. Creation was abundant and the elements gave birth to myriad races and creatures. It was in this time that dragons came to the world. The first dragons were of the Planes that they came from; Shadow, Water, Ash, Fire, Radiance, and Mineral. Few in numbers the vastness of the world took them in and barely a ripple was felt. More time passed and the young dragons that came to the world weak and small grew into great and powerful leviathans, and suddenly the vastness of the world was not so vast. The Elves preoccupied with a new race of beings called humans did not notice the danger until it was too late. The world was now to small and a new generation of dragons was being born while the older dragon claimed more and more space as their own. Dragons forced out of their mountain haunts by the larger more powerful dragons decended upon the forests of the elves. The dragons were few in number but so unprepared were the elves that entire kingdoms were aflame before they could respond.

The elves horrified at the destruction visited on them by these creatures took the offensive marching into the high places of the world killing all they could find. The Dragons responded. The great wyrms sent into a bloodrage at the attack, led their young down the elves with all their wisdom could do little but stare in horror as the entirety of the wrynkind races fell upon them. The war raged for centuries as the great forests that stretched across the world burned and magic was used to blast mountains and forests into deserts. Finally the elves could withstand it no more and went into hiding their once proud and numerous race shattered by its loses.

As the elves retreated the blood rage faded. Ambitious dragons seized control of what they could while the gentler dragons urged peace, and a return to the mountain homes that they once knew. A Council was called for and every dragon was summoned by the Great Platinum dragon Bahamut. Bahamut was the eldest not only of the Mineral dragons, but of all Dragons. Only his call could compel the more ambitious and older dragons to come. The council was held in the mountains. Bahamut, surrounded by his children and allies intended to speak against the continuing violence. He never had a chance to. For while Bahamut as the First among Firsts could compel all of the younger dragons, the other first dragons need not heed his will. Tensions mounted and tempers were high. The bloodrage of the dragons was still simmering beneath the surface. As the council was about to start Katulu the last of the first dragons to arrive offered Bahamut his token of peace* in the form of a huge Starfire gem. When Bahamut took the gem from Katulu the gem immediately released potent magic’s that caught Bahamut off guard. At that signal Katulu’s Allies swarmed over Bahamut. The gathering of dragons fell into the bloodrage that was waiting for them beneath the surface. Dragon attacked dragon in a wild battle the heart of which was centered on Bahamut and Katulu. Bahamut fought well killed several of Katulu’s allies, but in the end Bahamut’s injuries were too much for him to overcome. High above the mountains Katulu killed Bahamut and hurled his body down to earth.

Bahamut as the eldest of all dragons and the first to come to the world was inexorably tied to it and the magic that first gave wryms birth. His death shattered magic fraying its fabric and leaving it changed. Still the heartbeat of life it now beat softer and as scarce water in the desert. Bahamut’s death is sometimes called the breaking of magic, an elven prophet known as Oberon wrote this prophecy at the time of the breaking:

MzJztOD’N JxzED NFHvD vG DPs, Mx txGLxLzGLtz LxzGxp
PvDJ DJx LxyxCxvCxE’N EvGw LxNDEsQxL, JvN NsOH sOD sK DJx CsvL
KEst DJx FzND vN yzND GxP wsHL, z HOEx KsE DJx xCvH sK sHL
sGyx LxNDEsQxL ExFzvE Ds DJx CzOHD, tzwvy KsE xDxEGvDQ

*All dragons gave tokens of peace to other dragons as a sign of the sincerity true intentions. This practice stopped after the first Dragon council also known as the council of blood.

**His real name isn’t known. He was believed to be one of the family wizards of the house Oberyllion, since most of his writings have been found within the ruins of the ancient elven house. In those days house mages were not referred to by name, but were called a derivation of the house name to which they were in the service of. Generally this derivation took the form of a Suffix (ii) or in cases, such as this, where adding the suffix to the house name would create a word with the same spelling as a preexisting insult the truncarium rule would apply. Making the designation of a house mage in the service of house Oberyllion, simply Oberon.

The Prophet Oberon

The last of the great elven magi Oberon** was gifted in the arts of foreknowledge. Like many great prophets his wisdom was never fully realized or appreciated until long after his death, when the rantings of an insane mage turn out to be dire warnings about the future. Many of Oberon’s prophecies have been lost to time and neglect, and the prophecies that are known concern make up the bulk of what are commonly called the dragon prophecies .

Prophecy of the Destroyer

PJxG DJx zGyvxGD sGxN zPzux, zHH vG KxzE tOND rOzux
KsE DJxQ tzEu DJx yJzGwvGw sK zwxN
DJxG DJx LxNDEsQxE PvHH ystx OGDs DJx PsEHL zwzvG

The Dragon Prophesies

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