The Love Sick Puppy


Age: 22
Sex: M
Class: Fighter
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Rank: None
Last Known Location: Traveling with Sparkle Pop

Weapon: +3 Morningstar 2d4
Armor: +2 Banded Suit


Originally from a remote farming community Merick left that far behind him when he ran away at the age or 13 to join a mercenary band in the distant land of Thrym. After a long and brutal tour with the company that ended in the city of Avaryan. Merick found that the life in the mercenary company was not what he thought it was going to be and deserted. Merick returned home to find that during a recent war with Neruka his family and their homestead had been slaughtered and burnt to the ground. Shocked and distraught by the loss Merick has drifted around the kingdom of Tyaen working as a caravan guard. The years continued their progress onward as well as Merick’s skill with his mace. Even though his services as a guard were sought after by many merchants and many offered him permenant positions as captain of their guard, Merick always moved on to the next job and the next town. Ever looking for something, until one day in the Tarnal market place he was enchanted by a beautiful woman. Upon approaching her he found out that she was a visiting queen of Tauras Island, and that she could use his services. That was when Merick joined the service of Sparkle Pop.


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