Don't worry


Race: ?Human?
Age: ??
Sex: M
Class: Assassin/Illusionist
Occupation: Assassin
Rank: Master Assassin/ Guild Head
Last Known Location: Unknown

Weapons: The Claw
Armor: Leather


Pearl is a mystery within a mystery. Always wearing a grey and black leather arming jacket and black cloak, he has never been known to lower the grey silk veil that covers the lower part of his face. The visible part of his face has a dusky completion, and above his Iron grey eyes are hints of short black hair that are well covered by the dropping cowl. Peral is always armed with a plethora of daggers and his fantastic gauntlet named simply as “The Claw”. The Claw has two 1ft long blades that are spring loaded along the top of the forearm. With a specific motion of the wrist the blades can be brought forward by the released spring to bring them into attack position.


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